Detailed Synonyms for dismantle in Englisch


to dismantle Verb (dismantles, dismantled, dismantling)

  1. to dismantle
    to dismantle; to strip down; to remove; to take apart a machine; to clear away; to unharness; to unrig; to clear up
    • dismantle Verb (dismantles, dismantled, dismantling)
    • strip down Verb (strips down, stripped down, stripping down)
    • remove Verb (removes, removed, removing)
    • take apart a machine Verb (takes apart a machine, took apart a machine, taking apart a machine)
    • clear away Verb (clears away, cleared away, clearing away)
    • unharness Verb (unharnesses, unharnessed, unharnessing)
    • unrig Verb (unrigs, unrigged, unrigging)
    • clear up Verb (clears up, cleared up, clearing up)
  2. to dismantle
    to dissect; to dismantle; to take apart; to pull down
    • dissect Verb (dissects, dissected, dissecting)
    • dismantle Verb (dismantles, dismantled, dismantling)
    • take apart Verb (takes apart, took apart, taking apart)
    • pull down Verb (pulls down, pulled down, pulling down)
  3. to dismantle
    to liquidate; to eliminate; to disband; to demolish; to dismantle
    • liquidate Verb (liquidates, liquidated, liquidating)
    • eliminate Verb (eliminates, eliminated, eliminating)
    • disband Verb (disbands, disbanded, disbanding)
    • demolish Verb (demolishes, demolished, demolishing)
    • dismantle Verb (dismantles, dismantled, dismantling)
  4. to dismantle
    – take off or remove 1
    to strip; to dismantle
    – take off or remove 1
    • strip Verb (strips, stripped, stripping)
      • strip a wall of its wallpaper1
    • dismantle Verb (dismantles, dismantled, dismantling)
  5. to dismantle
    – take apart into its constituent pieces 1
    to dismantle; to break up; to take apart; disassemble; break apart
    – take apart into its constituent pieces 1
  6. to dismantle
    – tear down so as to make flat with the ground 1
    to level; to dismantle; to tear down; to take down; to pull down; raze; rase
    – tear down so as to make flat with the ground 1
    • level Verb (levels, levelled, levelling)
      • The building was levelled1
    • dismantle Verb (dismantles, dismantled, dismantling)
    • tear down Verb (tears down, tore down, tearing down)
    • take down Verb (takes down, took down, taking down)
    • pull down Verb (pulls down, pulled down, pulling down)
    • raze Verb, amerikanisch
    • rase Verb, britisch

Konjugationen für dismantle:

  1. dismantle
  2. dismantle
  3. dismantles
  4. dismantle
  5. dismantle
  6. dismantle
simple past
  1. dismantled
  2. dismantled
  3. dismantled
  4. dismantled
  5. dismantled
  6. dismantled
present perfect
  1. have dismantled
  2. have dismantled
  3. has dismantled
  4. have dismantled
  5. have dismantled
  6. have dismantled
past continuous
  1. was dismantling
  2. were dismantling
  3. was dismantling
  4. were dismantling
  5. were dismantling
  6. were dismantling
  1. shall dismantle
  2. will dismantle
  3. will dismantle
  4. shall dismantle
  5. will dismantle
  6. will dismantle
continuous present
  1. am dismantling
  2. are dismantling
  3. is dismantling
  4. are dismantling
  5. are dismantling
  6. are dismantling
  1. be dismantled
  2. be dismantled
  3. be dismantled
  4. be dismantled
  5. be dismantled
  6. be dismantled
  1. dismantle!
  2. let's dismantle!
  3. dismantled
  4. dismantling
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they


  1. dismantle

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  1. take off or remove1
  2. take apart into its constituent pieces1
  3. tear down so as to make flat with the ground1