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  1. Benutzerkonto
    the user account
    – In Active Directory, an object that consists of all the information that defines a domain user, which includes user name, password, and groups in which the user account has membership. User accounts can be stored in either Active Directory or on your local computer. 1
  2. Benutzerkonto
    the user account
    – A collection of information that tells Windows which files and folders the user can access, what changes the user can make to the computer, and the user's preferences, such as the desktop background or screen saver. Each person accesses their user account with a user name and password. 1

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user account Benutzerkonto

Synonyms for "Benutzerkonto":

  • Account

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  1. gespeicherte Identifizierungsdaten bei Internetseiten, meist mit der Möglichkeit individueller Anpassungen

Cross Translation:
Benutzerkonto user account compte utilisateur — informatique|fr identification des données stocker d’un utilisateur pour une application.