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  1. undercut:


Detailübersetzungen für undercut (Englisch) ins Deutsch


to undercut Verb (undercuts, undercut, undercutting)

  1. to undercut (undersell)
    • unterkriechen Verb (unterkrieche, unterkriechst, unterkroch, unterkrocht, unterkrochen)

Konjugationen für undercut:

  1. undercut
  2. undercut
  3. undercuts
  4. undercut
  5. undercut
  6. undercut
simple past
  1. undercut
  2. undercut
  3. undercut
  4. undercut
  5. undercut
  6. undercut
present perfect
  1. have undercut
  2. have undercut
  3. has undercut
  4. have undercut
  5. have undercut
  6. have undercut
past continuous
  1. was undercutting
  2. were undercutting
  3. was undercutting
  4. were undercutting
  5. were undercutting
  6. were undercutting
  1. shall undercut
  2. will undercut
  3. will undercut
  4. shall undercut
  5. will undercut
  6. will undercut
continuous present
  1. am undercutting
  2. are undercutting
  3. is undercutting
  4. are undercutting
  5. are undercutting
  6. are undercutting
  1. be undercut
  2. be undercut
  3. be undercut
  4. be undercut
  5. be undercut
  6. be undercut
  1. undercut!
  2. let's undercut!
  3. undercut
  4. undercutting
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Übersetzung Matrix für undercut:

NounVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
- cut; tenderloin
VerbVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
unterkriechen undercut; undersell
- undersell
OtherVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
- underbid

Synonyms for "undercut":

Verwandte Definitionen für "undercut":

  1. a cut made underneath to remove material1
  2. (sports) a stroke that puts reverse spin on the ball1
  3. a notch cut in the trunk of tree in order to determine the direction of its fall1
  4. the tender meat of the loin muscle on each side of the vertebral column1
  5. the material removed by a cut made underneath1
  6. cut obliquely into (a tree) below the main cut and on the side toward which the tree will fall1
  7. strike (the ball) in golf, tennis, or hockey obliquely downward so as to give a backspin or elevation to the shot1
  8. cut away the underpart of1
    • undercut a vein of ore1
  9. cut away material from the underside of (an object) so as to leave an overhanging portion in relief1
  10. sell cheaper than one's competition1